Build your own Hamburger

USC Universum Science Park 306Amsterdam,

Join us at science park to build your own hamburger (or vega burger). We'll be providing plenty of ingredients to dress up your burger exactly to your liking. Fill in this form to join :) And be sure to transfer the money to NL21INGB0007908052 (under name of ASKV Kratos); We'll only confirm your application/buy […]


Fitness Pubquiz

USC Universum Science Park 306Amsterdam,

Do you know everything about fitness pop culture? Are you able to recall all of Ronnie Coleman's favorite lifting yells? Which strongman was nicknamed "The Viking"? What does WOD mean? We'll start with very easy questions and slowly, but steadily, ramp up the difficulty. LIMITED SPOTS ARE AVAILABLE! Fill in the form below to join: […]


Drinks and games!

Eetcafe de Oerknal Science Park 306, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

We might all be very passionate about our lifting performances, but we're also students: come join us for some drinks at Café Oerknal in Science Park! We'll also bring some entertaining games to play, so it's bound to be a successful evening. The first pitchers are on us :D. Sign up for this event through […]


Kratos Bowling

Knijn bowling scheldeplein 3Amsterdam,

Yay, We're going bowling! 17th of October we'll be bowling at Knijn bowling. Bring your best aim and make sure your arms are ready to throw strikes. Afterwards, we'll have some drinks at a nearby bar.


6th CoBo ASKV Kratos

On the 29th of September, the 6th board of ASKV Kratos was officially elected at the general members' meeting. To celebrate this, we invite all our members to come to have a drink with us on the 4th of November. The exact location and time we will share in our group chat. Hope to see […]

Kratos goes poledancing!

Sportcentrum VU Uilenstede 100Amstelveen,

Dear Kratosians, November has been upon us for a while now, which means it's time for a new activity. This month, it's up to you to show us what you can do with your gains: we will be attending a pole dancing lesson on the 29th of November at sportcentrum VU. We managed to get […]


Kratos Borrel

Eetcafe de Oerknal Science Park 306, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Join the first edition of a new tradition: The first monthly Kratos drinking night Gather with us this Thursday at Oerknal and let's have a fun night!

Kratos all you can eat

Tokyoto Dam 9Zaandam,

Join our yearly all you can eat event! Show your fellow Kratosian how good you are at turbo bulking. This year we'll go to Tokyoto to enjoy unlimited Sushi!


Sportcentrum VU mockmeet

Sportcentrum VU Uilenstede 100Amstelveen,

The time has come for the first Sportcentrum VU Powerlifting mockmeet!!! So what is a powerlifting mockmeet? A mockmeet is basically a practice competition; So we'll use all the competition rules and setup used in powerlifting, but since it's in our home gym it's not an official competition. Powerlifting is a strength sport where you […]


Posing clinic

USC Universum Science Park 306Amsterdam,

Join us and competitive bodybuilder Victor Bruynsteen for a Bodybuilding posing clinic!