About Kratos

A.S.K.V. Kratos is the first strength sports association for students in Amsterdam. The association is for everyone that likes to lift, regardless of your skill level. Are you interested in strength sports and fitness? Would you like to learn more about the technique of the lifts, the theory behind the different topics within fitness or would you like to get to know more lifters to make gains with? Then Kratos is the association for you!


Kratos was founded in 2017 to bring students that like strength sports together. Lifting together is more fun than lifting alone so despite the fact that strength sports is usually pretty individual, we think that this association can replace the downsides of strength sports with a lot of pros! Kratos is the association for everyone that would like to get more out of the gym. Our mission is to make strength sports something you do together whilst having fun in the meantime. We offer a platform to meet people but also for you to learn more about the practice and technique of strength sports as well as the theoretical aspects through clinics and seminars.