About Kratos

About Kratos

A.S.K.V. Kratos is the first strength sports association for students in Amsterdam. The association is for everyone that likes to lift, regardless of your skill level. Kratos was founded in 2017 to bring students that like strength sports together. Lifting together is more fun than lifting alone. Our mission is to make strength sports something you do together whilst having fun in the meantime. We offer a platform to meet people but also for you to learn more about the practice and technique of strength sports as well as the theoretical aspects through clinics and seminars.

Of course we focus on lifting but joining us is also a lot of fun and the perfect opportunity to educate yourself about fitness!


For powerlifting as well as weightlifting we organize several competitions throughout the year! If you are new to the sport, this is the perfect opportunity to get a glimpse of what a 'real' competition is like. And if you are more familiar with the competition setting, the Kratos-Cup is the moment test your maxes and set new PRs!


Because we understand that you would also like to see your fellow lifters outside of the gym, we organize social activities as well. Do you want to show us how much meat you can eat at the BBQ? Or have you been looking for the perfect opportunity to put your knowledge about macro's, different types of muscle fibers or the myths about supplements to good use at one of our pubquizzes? And to top it off, don't forget about our 'borrels' and field-days to the national championships for example. In short, enough 'gezelligheid'.


Because fitness is not all fun and games, we recognize that brain-gains also have to be made. That is why we organize seminars about a wide range of subjects related to strength sports. We try to invite the most interesting lifters/scientists/experts within the field to share their knowledge with us. Besides seminars, we also organize clinics where you, for example, get to try out calisthenics or get the chance to try posing classes from a bodybuilding competitor!

Open gym hours

An important activity that we organize every week for our members are the open gym hours. Every week, powerlifting and weightlifting open gym hours are held. During these hours, our members are welcome to come to USC and train together. A professional trainer will be present to answer all of your questions about, for example, your training, form-check or tips!

Would you like to help organize one of our events? You can! Check out our committees here and send us an email via bestuur@askvkratos.nl!


Kom een keer langs om mee te trainen tijdens onze wekelijkse gym uurtjes bij het USC . Hiervoor moet je wel reserveren:

  • Donderdag 20:00 – 21:15

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